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One day, you’re wandering along, focused on your little life

And suddenly, the world bursts into flame, makes you question everything you know


I can feel the ripples, crashing down on me

Can you feel the ripples? Crashing down on you and me


With all the pain and suffering, we see it all around us

Waking people from their slumber, opening eyes, opening minds


How much more do you need to see, before we realise what needs to be?

No more time for fear, no more time for doubt, we have to sort this mess out


What we need are leaders, what we get are tools

They’re always on holidays, all treating us like fools


It’s the action of individuals, that will make the difference

 In the end it’s all down to us 


Shit Deal

From many places, under the southern sky

They came and said it, from the heart

We said it was nice, took photos by the fire

Then got back to our whirlpools and bars

They were robbed, killed, and stolen

Shit deal, what a shit deal, they were dealt

Walk a mile in their feet, how dirty I would be

If someone pulled that shit deal on me

Lost their estate to technology and greed

Our gains brought their suffering, their fate was wrong

Terrible, pointless, diminishes us all   

(And) we can’t be resolved, until we right these wrongs


Immigrants are we, new to this land

Could learn from them, in these days of fire

Is our dream to stay unreconciled?

Or build a fair and safe country?


We can afford, give them a hand to

Build their own future, for their kids

Their kids will be their hope for the future

and with ours, sort out the shit deal



We can make good if we want to

Can fix the shit deal, and let us all heal

Walk a mile in their feet, stop feelin’ dirty

And stop that shit deal, stop that shit deal  

For Our Future

for our future, for our people, for our only planet


Storm clouds on the horizon, here now, brings us tears and pain

Who would’ve known what we know now? Who could have dodged this wicked game?

World leaders scramble for position, saving themselves, counter-collaborative

Their people dying in their thousands, collateral damage for their incompetence

Life may look grim, seeming like a bundle of doom

But we’ll get through this, my friends, together we’ll conquer our evils, soon  

Our only planet is agonising, from the damage and grief that we’ve caused

Temperature’s rising, species are dying, or have long gone from our girt shores

Millions of creatures burnt up, some of our loved ones are here no more

Thousands are struggling and waiting for help, tied up in red tape and inertia

Take back the power from the buffoons, and the people they front, don’t play their game 

take the wind from their sails, don’t buy from them, let’s work for us and for our future

Hey Trump and Xi, if you want a fight so badly, why don’t you get into the ring?

Don’t gutlessly send our young ones out to die, why don’t you leave them live, love and sing?

Your slogans and rhetoric don’t cut it, we can see right through your nasty lies

We’re going to take the power back, gonna take back our future and our lives

Take back the power from the buffoons, and the people they front, don’t play their game

take the wind from their sails, don’t vote for them, let’s work for us and our future


Happy little girl in a dirty little dress

A little boy, he throws her mud and teases her in jest

Playing all the same old games that they have played for days

Happy in their innocence, don’t know what comes today


Free me from your gaze, Save me from the haze


And their Da he toils away and breaks his back to feed them

And their Ma she walks for miles for water for their thirst 

At night they watch the fire and tell their tales and yarns

On how to live a good, free life away from lies and harm


I’m miles away, thousands and thousands of miles

And I see them, they can’t see me, I see their many smiles

They won’t be smiling any more after I visit them

Give them the very special gift that turns their lives to flame


Free me from your gaze, Save me from the haze

Spare me from the evilest of days, Save me from the flames


And they’re so bloody righteous with their empire and their faith

In money and in twisted truths, that’s spun and spun again until

There’s no similarity to what they started with

Free me from your gaze, Save me from the haze

Save me from the flames, Spare me from the worst of days 


And the very faceless man, he watches from afar

He don’t care, he gets his pay, he buys another car

He buys a phone, some whisky too and some little pills

To dampen down the pain he gives himself and all he kills


Can we hold you to your promises of wealth and glory?

Can we come and get you when it all turns black as shit?

Will you stand accountable and fix it? I think not

Can we make you suffer then for how you didn’t quit?

Take A Chance

Well, my woman, she treat me wrong
Well my woman, yeah she treat me wrong
Ran off with some other guy
Broke my heart in two


Gave my woman, all my lovin’ , yes I did
Gave my woman, all my lovin’ , I was so true
But she ran of with some (other) guy 
And my heart broke in two    


Take a chance on me baby, I won’t do you no wrong
Take a chance on me baby, I won’t do you no harm
Will you show me some lovin’, ………………….

please I, I can’t take it, no more 


Glad I found you, I’ve been looking for so long
Glad I found you baby, been looking for so long
Gotta count my lucky stars
You make you feel so strong


You took a chance on me baby, I won’t do you no wrong
You took a chance on me baby, I won’t do you no harm
I’m gonna show you so much lovin’, …………… 
You’ll never want no more 


Being with you woman, I don’t want for anything
Living with you baby, makes my heart want to sing
Gonna keep showing you all my lovin’ 
That’s what I’m gonna bring

All songs & lyrics are copyright J. Standfast and A.Cole 2021.
All rights reserved.
Garden path image copyright Darcy Gall 2020.

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